Elder Law

10,000 baby boomers retire every day now. Every day thousands are confronted with the challenge of caring for aging parent(s).  Every day thousands ask, “How will we pay for their nursing home?” “Where and how will we find the help we need to keep Mom and Dad living in their own home for as long as they want?”

And everyday thousands are starting to re-plan their own retirement years under the new norm of outrageous nursing home and assisted living costs, physician shortages, and an incomprehensible system of care and insurance.

Sovak Law can provide practical assistance in the task of caring for aging parents, redesigning retirement plans for today’s baby boomers with a view toward preservation of assets, maintaining the dignity and independence of the elderly, Medicaid qualification, and navigating the maze of elder care through a network of highly skilled and caring professionals.

* Medicaid Planning

* Asset Protection

* Medicaid Asset Protection Trusts

* Advanced Medical Directives

* Power of Attorney documents

* Life Estate Deeds

* Revocable Living Trusts

* Last Will and Testament

* Long Term Care Strategies