This is the age of the retiring Baby Boomer.
Are you one of them? I am. Every day 10,000 of us retire.

   * Every day thousands of us are confronted with the challenge of caring for our aging parent(s).

   * Every day thousands of us ask, “How will we pay for their nursing home?”

* Every day thousands of us ask, “Where and how will we find the help we need to keep Mom and Dad living in their own home for as long as they want?” And everyday thousands of us are starting to re-plan our own retirement years under the new norm of outrageous nursing home and assisted living costs, physician shortages, and an incomprehensible system of care and insurance.

Mostly Boomers LLC is a company whose goal is to provide practical assistance in the task of caring for our aging parents and in redesigning our own retirement years. Our first product is the book entitled Living the Fabulous Exit, an irreverent look at how we got here and a practical guide to make sure your retirement years are truly fabulous.

We invite you to purchase the book and share your stories on how you met your challenges.

Warm Regards,
Author and founder of Mostly Boomers, LLC